About Us

Welcome to Boston Sci-Fi.com.
We explore the known and unknown through film. Boston Sci-Fi is our home for science fiction. from here we launch the Boston Science Fiction Film Festival, and The Boston Terror'Thon, which is a darker cinematic journey. Both festivals feature emerging directors and new visions. We also share film news and ideas.


Our 40th sci-fi festival continues with 10 day run starting February 6, 2015. The Gort, our annual award, is given out for Best Feature along with swag and other amenities. If the judges so deem, the Best Short is given commendations and prizes. Please see the section on "Submitting Films" for more details on how to enter.

The Festival ends with The 'Thon, a non-stop 24 hour orgiastic film event. Think of it like the biggest sleepover you'll ever go to or like binge viewing with 700 close friends. In it we enjoy classic, premiere or schlocky sci-fi films. It is an amazing event. How else could it have survived for 40 years?

Tickets for sf40 (our abbreviated name for the event go on sale in August. Head over to the SF TIX & STORE to purchase.

Submissions begin in August as well

Our festival began at a legendary movie theatre in Cambridge MA. It has been called 'the grandfather of modern art houses'. Now we are making a documentary called

on its importance in American cinema.

The first house manager was some dude named Tommy Lee Jones. The place launched reggae in the US and the number of people who were influenced by the place range from Neil Young to Carl Sagan to Stephen King to countless others.

Please check out the Orson Welles Complex web site to find out more. Thank you.