What We Do

Welcome to Boston Sci-Fi.com.
This is the home for the Boston Science Fiction Film Festival including The 'Thon plus The Boston Terror'Thon, a darker, bloodier cinematic journey. Both festivals feature new works as well as classics. We actively look for new directors and emerging visionaries. We use WithoutABox for submissions.

We also share films news from Hollywood and from our friends.


Our 38th Festival continues with 10 day run starting February 8, 2013. The Gort, our annual award, is given out for Best feature with swag and other amenities given out for Best Short. Like last year, we've added a Steampunk category for feature and short as well. Please see the section on "Submitting Films" for more details.

The Festival ends with The 'Thon, a non-stop 24 hour orgiastic film event. Think of it like the biggest sleepover you'll ever go to enjoying classic, premiere or schlocky sci-fi films. It is an amazing event. How else could it have survived for 38 years?

This year the Boston Science Fiction Film festival runs from February 8 - 18 2012.

Tickets for sf38 as well as tickets for the 24 hour film marathon are on sale. Head over to the SF TIX & STORE to purchase.

Another genre we love are films that do more that go bump in the night. That's why every fall we host a 9 day horror film festival called

Zombies, vampires, ghosts, mummies, blood gushers and more populate this dark cinematic journey.

The Terror'Thon also is a place for new filmmakers to showcase their works. We are always looking for new shorts and features. If you're a filmmaker or know of one, please send them out way.

There is more information on the 'Submitting Films' page.

Like we said before, this is also a place to discuss things sci-fi and film.

Please look around, and have fun!