Wednesday Feb 17 @ The Fest

science ficiton, robots, Erik HammenFirst up on the evenings slates was the day's collection of shorts. The crowd hits were "Mutant Chickens" (Bangladesh) & "Bugbaby" (US), (which starred John Waters' Mink Stole) and "The Deadilest Game" (Australia).

What was even more fun was TIME OF THE ROBOTS, a mash-up directed by Erik Hammen. Director Hammen took a bunch of old films featuring robots, some from as far back as 1910. He re-fashioned them into a new movie with a new plot and a new score. The resulting pastiche was entertaining and quite creative. In a post-screening Q&A, director Hammen told how he made the film on his Mac, delved into the world of public domain and costing only a few hundred dollars and a bunch of time, like 6 years.

That's Erik in the picture above, on ten right, with yours truly looking like he just had 'First Contact'.