Alfonso Cuaron: Gravity

gravity, Clooney, BullockEver since his version of "The Little Princess" hit theaters, director Alfonso Cuaron has a director to watch. It looks like his latest, "Gravity", will take his career to new heights.

There was some stunning footage revealed at this past San Diego Comic-Con. I am assuming this new trailer includes some of that footage because it too is pretty stunning.

As you look at the trailer, remember all the current tropes used in trailers. Think about all the quick cuts, the three act mini-drama they create and then watch this one. By not saying much and showing a key scene, it sets a tension not often found in films. It does what trailer should do, tease.


Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity

I saw it last night; here's a link to the concise review at my website's movie blog, Your Sacrificial Moviegoer: