The Countdown Has Begun!


Tickets for The 39th Boston Science Fiction Film Festival can be purchased
or at

At Eventbrite, you have an option to buy Fest Passes or 'Thon Tickets
SF39 happens Feb. 7 - 16, 2014 at the Somerville Theatre in Boston.

The Marathon, aka The 'Thon, is a 24 hour cinematic orgy, starts noon on Feb. 16.

Tickets for both can be found in our SCI-FI STORE. A Fest Pass is good for The 'Thon as well.



I would like to buy Marathon tickets, but my attendance is dependent on the weather (will be driving ten hours to get there.) Have made the Cleveland to Boston trip many times in January, but am no longer suicidal.
Is there any chance that you will sell out?

Gary Claxton (pogo)

Sell out

Gary, Had to say about the sell-out. We're trending more than last years and we have a nice promo campaign starting this week, but if you drive out, I'll make sure you're taken care of. ~ G